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September is Recovery Month!

By September 1, 2021Recovery

September is Recovery Month and it’s about time we take a moment to talk about addiction. HA just kidding – we talk about addiction a lot in our articles, so let’s talk about it some more!

The 2021 national monthly theme is, “Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community”.  Substance abuse is a chronic, relapsing disease that does not discriminate and has led to an epidemic of health problems in our country. SAMSHA used to sponsor this month until NAADAC took this responsibility over in June 2020 (NAADAC, 2021). It happens every year in September to spread awareness. This month’s 2021 theme is “to remind people who are struggling with addiction and those who support them—that no matter where they come from or what struggles they face–they aren’t alone on this journey” (NAADAC, 2021).

The purpose of this article is not only to discuss what Recovery Month is but also how you can get engaged in recovery that is right for you. With October being National Alcohol Awareness Month and November being Mental Health Awareness Month, there is much to be acknowledged and get involved in. So get excited!

We are keeping it pretty short this week and covering off on the below:

1. What Recovery Month is

2. Why Recovery Month matters

3. Recovery as a lifelong journey

4. Tips on how to stay sober during recovery month or any other time of the year

What Recovery Month is

Recovery month is a time for people to reflect on their journey and what has that led them to addiction. It’s an opportunity to educate ourselves and others about addiction, break the stigma, celebrate recovery, and show support to ourselves and others in recovery. Stick around our free platform this Fall for resources and courses. With October being National Alcohol Awareness Month and November being Mental Health Awareness Month; September should serve as motivation for us all!

Recovery Month is for anyone who wants to change their life – even if they don’t think they have a problem with substance abuse or addiction. Because there are many facets of recovery and addiction that need more attention. It is also a month that encompasses many types of recovery such as; recovery from mental illness, drug addiction, or alcohol problems, or all three. Or recovery from deep-seated anxiety, an eating disorder, or after the loss of a loved one.

Why does Recovery Month matter?

Recovery Month matters because it’s about awareness and prevention. It’s about taking care of your body mind and spirit. And reminding ourselves and others to do so! By bringing awareness every September to the message of recovery and breaking the stigma, we educate ourselves on the support and resources that are available to us.

It is essential for recovery to be an opportunity to learn how to heal from both mental and physical health problems, such as addiction and mental illness. This month was designed for this reason; awareness.

Awareness that recovery is not just about stopping a substance or behavior. It also means healing the mind, body, and spirit. It is a lifelong journey that each of us does differently and at our own pace.

Recovery is lifelong

In recovery, the commitment is a lifelong journey. It is not a destination you reach and then things are magically better. Recovery never ends because it is a way of life. It is a daily practice of embodiment. There will always be things to work on in life. Recovery can be seen as a good thing to be grateful for. Because recovery is so heavily aligned with spiritual wellness and self freedom, there’s always that staying power to work towards transformation, healing, and growth.

Beware of setbacks during recovery. Remember that this journey is not about becoming perfect but it’s about forging a new path every day. Holding on to guilt and shame can keep us stuck in a setback if we are not careful. Moving forward with the knowledge that this is a learning process and not be so hard on yourself is powerful and important to understand.

Tips on how to stay sober during this month or any time of the year

  • Avoid using alcohol to celebrate recovery accomplishments. This seems obvious to me now that I have been sober for a while but I will tell you I blurred this line very well a time or two. Or three…  Myself, trial, error, drugs, and alcohol… All 5 of us were best friends for about 3+ years.

  • Remind yourself recovery is lifelong and not a life sentence. It just means finding an understanding of how you wish it to fit in your life. This month is a great time to reflect on that and see what this self-healing journey means to you.
  • Remain conscious and honest about how you’re feeling at all times. Without honesty and awareness of self, our recovery will begin to slip.

  • Don’t use recovery as an excuse to overwork yourself. The process is not meant for workaholics or those striving for perfection. It is good to be aware of the relationship you have with certain behaviors. A work-life balance in your occupational life is necessary for healing during recovery. Are they healthy or unhealthy? Evaluating all areas of your life can help you foresee cross addictions manifesting before things get worse.
  • Find healthy coping skills that work for you on a daily basis. Keeping our emotional wellness in tacked is vital during recovery. We have so many tools on our membership platform, join us for free!
  • Recognizing what is best for you. Spend time alone as much as time spent in social settings. Understanding if you are an extrovert or introvert can help ease your stress just by knowing what situations are going to be most valuable for you and your recovery.
  • Find a community. It could be an online peer group, 12 step meeting, church, or a small group of your friends and family that you are comfortable around. Just find some people that can support you in your recovery in any way they can. Come join our private Facebook group here!
  • Find a mentor. Ask someone in recovery if they would mind being your mentor and just talk to them about it. They can share their story with you which can inspire hope, or just let you ask any questions you have and get some general suggestions from them. Don’t know anyone in recovery yet? You know us! Email us here and we will hook you up with an accountability partner. I promise we don’t bite, and we are eager to help you!


Addiction has been around since the dawn of humanity, but in our modern world, Satori Way’s mission is to bring education of recovery from substance use and/or alcohol abuse to more people so they know it is possible for anyone to recover. From this article, we hope you can see the importance of awareness around recovery, why we should educate ourselves on the ongoing battle of addiction, and cheer on the people who continue to put their recovery first. As September kicks off, keep your sobriety on track by joining us on our membership platform for free! We provide courses, resources, accountability support alongside valuable weekly insights!







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