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How to Follow the Five Golden Rules of Nature

By February 3, 2022Spirituality

The five golden rules of nature seem obvious to follow but with the busiest of our lives today, it’s easier to get caught up in the hustle instead of taking a step back to ensure we are balanced; mind, body, spirit. Doing research on this topic was really interesting and did not disappoint. Learning how to live by the golden rules of nature can lead to an extraordinary life of success and peace. Think of them as Nature’s guidelines that can help us to live a more harmonious and balanced life.

The five golden rules are: (1) Follow the rhythms of nature; (2) Live in harmony with others; (3) Honor the connectedness of all things; (4) Nourish your body and mind, and (5) Respect the power of transformation. By following these rules, we can create awareness and appreciation for all things living and non-living around us, including ourselves!

1. Follow the rhythms of nature

We can live happily by following the golden rules of nature if we follow Mother Nature’s example, starting with her first golden rule: Follow the rhythms of nature. Your body is one of the most amazing, highly intuitive machines on the planet. Syncing it to certain tasks and frequencies is essential for creating a natural balance in our lives. Sleeping when the sun goes down and getting up to start your day when it rises. Following the cycle of the moon by letting go of energies that don’t serve you and making room for new intentions each cycle. There are many ways we can strive toward being more rhythmic with our environment, the sun, and the moon.

2. Live in harmony with others

Do you have healthy boundaries? Do you put your needs first sometimes but are considerate of the needs of others at other times?

The golden rule of living in harmony with others includes having respect for all life and seeing the interconnectedness we share. We are all connected, trees, animals, and humans alike – it doesn’t matter – because we are all contributing to the way the world is. Learning to live in harmony and acceptance of others helps to create a world free of suffering. Even if you don’t agree with someone’s actions, if you live in harmony with others, you can at least grow to accept and understand where they are coming from.

3. Honor the connectedness of all things

There is a golden rule about honoring the interconnectedness of all things and it’s simple: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. It’s golden because it touches on an important point that many people fail to understand: you reap what you sow! It’s natural for humans to want to help others in need but when we are not helping ourselves first, where does that energy come from? If you don’t have respect for yourself or your needs, how can you possibly care about the needs of others? This golden rule is about establishing a balance between caring for others and caring for yourself.

4. Nourish your body and mind

We’re designed to eat fresh, whole foods that provide us with all of the nutrients we need in the proper proportions. The food pyramid lists grains and cereals at the bottom because they are considered essential to our health while refined sugars, salts, fats, and oils should be consumed sparingly if at all.

We are also designed to get enough sleep in accordance with natural rhythms. We are awake when the sun rises and asleep when it sets – why not try to maintain that golden rule?

5. Respect the power of transformation

Last but not least, we can create golden rules for our lives by respecting the power of transformation. When you hold onto something that is no longer working in your life, you are blocking transformation and growth; when you work with the power of transformation, you release yourself from the fear of what may happen if things change. Growth is golden because it encourages us to look forward with wonder and excitement instead of back with longing or regret.

To live a golden rule life is to live in harmony with your surroundings and the natural world, not against it. It’s a simple way to achieve a balance between mind, body, spirit, and emotions that many find challenging to maintain on a daily basis. Why not give the golden rules of nature a try and see how it enhances your life?

Here are a few tips on how to get started:

1. Follow the rhythm of the sun

The sun was seen as a God in ancient cultures because of the power and life it provides as the ultimate source. As it lights up the world each day the world, align yourself with its rhythms by waking up with the natural sun, take breaks during the day to feel the vitamin D on your skin, and wind down to relax when it sets. This allows you to establish a stronger connection with the natural rhythm of our bodies and our environment.

2. Make your home as green as possible

By growing plants, you can create a microcosm that is filled with life and beauty. This golden rule of nature will not only make your surroundings more pleasant but will also allow you to connect with the earth on a deeper level. You can grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruit in containers on your porch or patio. If you don’t have space inside of your home to grow food, you can always join a community garden or plant some flowers alongside the road near your house.

3. Engage with nature through dance

Dance allows us to express ourselves in a free and liberating way that is similar to how we interact with nature. Since the golden rule of nature is about movement and rhythm, dancing allows you to create a balance between your natural and artistic self. You can dance outside in nature or at home by yourself.

4. Make connections with animals

Animals are connected to the earth in ways that go beyond words and thought. Although we cannot typically communicate with them, we can still relate to their energy and express our own animalistic qualities. Try spending time with a pet or going to the zoo to see some of your favorite furry friends.

5. Spend time in the golden hour

The golden hour is that moment just before dusk when the sky turns golden and pink, and the golden rule of nature is about balance and harmony through color. You can use this golden hour to meditate, practice yoga, or simply enjoy the special light that falls over your surroundings during this time.

In following these golden rules of nature, you will begin to see a shift in your life. Your connection with the earth becomes stronger and new opportunities start to emerge. These golden rules are about taking care of yourself and connecting with your surroundings, which will help you to flourish in all areas of life.

So remember, follow the golden rules of nature for balance, growth, connection, harmony, and love.


– The golden hour is a golden section of the day when nature glows golden, hence golden hour. It can be defined as either 60 minutes before sunset or after sunrise, depending on which golden section you choose to follow. (1)