Is this membership for me?

Do you perceive a strong need for improvement in your current lifestyle? Are there things holding you back from the life you want?  We are talking to those who believe they need it. Those ready to embrace change and who can endure a challenge. Please join us!

How long do I have to access the training?

A whole year, when you purchase the Satori Foundation, you get access to the 28 day course (and all the bonus content that comes with it) for 12 months, unlimited access to the 24/7 online community, and live coaching calls each month.

The value of the course goes well beyond the 28-day course. You are not just learning a program, it’s a daily practice. You will learn to reduce the cravings and stress in your body, influence a growth mindset, improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety, and so much more. We lay the groundwork needed for self-transformation. Plus, all of the downloadable bonus content from the course is yours to keep after your yearly access ends.

Can I use this with other commitments?

Yes! The Satori Foundation is recommended as an after-care program but can be used on its own, or as a supplement to other recovery programs.  We encourage you to use any and all resources that are available to you and look to aid you in discovering more. Self-help groups, community service, meeting commitments, and 12-step programs are all amazing. Whatever helps you move forward in the right direction— we love and support it all.

What is the daily commitment?

The Satori Foundation course is 28 days. Each week includes a group call support, slide deck, training material and/or bonus content of varying lengths. Each day includes a daily affirmation email, journal prompt, and tracker for your progress. You also have the opportunity to join monthly workshops or hop on a Q&A call. 

With all that work to do, we would ask that you set out a total of 40-60 minutes each day. This time commitment will vary as we work through techniques and integrate specific skills. The minimum time commitment you can plan for is 20 minutes in the morning.

Please note, Satori is not a detox program. If you are in acute addiction, or experiencing symptoms of serious withdrawal you should seek medical attention immediately.

What is the refund policy?

7-day money-back guarantee: Use our program 100% risk-free, for 7-days after purchase. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with a course or membership, please email, simply sending us a request for a refund of your course fee. 

The Satori Foundation Course

28-day training in the Satori Foundation.

  • Exclusive full-year access to all training materials of the 28-day Foundation.
  • Immediate access to our 24/7 private online community
  • Access to ALL our live group calls
  • Access to Q&A interviews, roadmaps, and resource library
  • Powerful guided meditations
  • Monthly curated content, modules, and workbooks