Tools for today.

Resilience for a lifetime.

A set of tools to shed old behavior. Retrain your mind and nervous system. Heal to become the best version of yourself.

Transformative growth course

Follow a research-based framework that acknowledges and holistically addresses the root causes of addiction.

Invest less than 5% of your day

Commit yourself to an hour a day. Learn scientifically-backed recovery methods to empower sustainable change.

Stronger resilience every day

Learn techniques anytime, anywhere. We use the top 4 psychosocial skillsets for treating addiction.

What Therapies Do We Use?

Cognitive & Dialectical Behavior Skills

Develop adaptive, healthy coping skills and emotional regulation. Retrain the brain and disrupt the nervous system by utilizing distress tolerance and mindful awareness.

Motivational Interviewing

Build motivation through a new lens by addressing the 5 stages of change.  Ignite an internal shift to overcome the resistance of behavior change.

Prevention Planning

Limit setbacks by strategic anticipation of addictive behaviors. Cultivate the power to learn from past patterns without shame and guilt.

Community Reinforcement Approach

Support and be supported by a community of like-minded individuals on similar paths. Engage in a new environment of support and celebration. Together, we transform ourselves and our habits in a positive way.

How We Work

  • Week 1: Understand how addictive behavior affects the brain-body connection, what root causes of addiction are, and how to break these addictive cycles.
  • Week 2: Addressing old, unhealthy beliefs, how to slow brain waves for your benefit, and quick-easy techniques for meditation.
  • Week 3: Identifying resentments, applying forgiveness approaches, and techniques for healing.
  • Week 4: Understand how to set strong intentions, drive the action behind them, and harness your intuition in becoming your best self.

What you will learn

Address addictive behaviors and learn the tools you need to lead a creative, meaningful life. 

This platform is your self-healing playground. The Satori Foundation lays the groundwork for your evolution. 

In today’s world, change is ever constant. Education is constantly evolving and so are we. We work with the latest evidence-based methods and research to build a unique experience for each individual.

Beliefs & Meditation:

Begin healing on a cellular level to rid your stress and raise your vibration.

Forgiveness & Healing:

Clear blockages and resentments that hold you back from moving toward the best version of yourself.

Intentions & Intuition:

Get out of your own way by consciously get clear on your intentions and create a life of flow and attraction.

Amazing things ahead



Heal the past. Release what weighs you down.


Be in the now. Change your brain chemistry. Allow your body to heal itself.


Visualize the future. Move through life with a sense of flow. Harness the skills of manifestation and intuition.

Learn about Addiction

Get in-depth training on how addictive behavior affects the brain-body connection. Our course materials are all thoroughly researched and reviewed by our team to ensure accuracy.

Constant Support

Get a 24/7 community connection to hold yourself and others accountable.

Live Calls

Personalize your journey with live course calls and workshops to join.

Here’s all that you get

28-day training in the Satori Foundation

  • Exclusive full-year access to all training materials of the 28-day Foundation.
  • Immediate access to our 24/7 private online community
  • Access to our ALL live group calls
  • Access to Q&A interviews, roadmaps, and resource library
  • Curated videos, modules, and workbooks for continued learning

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