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Benefits that Motivational Interviewing Brings When You Use It

By May 19, 2021Psychology

This article will go over what Motivational Interviewing is, why it works, and some of the benefits associated with using this type of therapy. If you are looking for a way to increase your motivation or confidence in yourself, read on!


What is Motivational Interviewing


Motivational Interviewing, or MI for short, is a type of therapy that helps people to build their self-esteem and motivation. It works by asking the individual to set goals for themselves then reaching out to others in order to achieve them. The key factors are goal setting followed by support and encouragement to accomplish those goals.



How Does MI Work


The individual may be asked to come up with a list of things they want from themselves or their life. Then they set forth a plan for how to get there. This could include anything like finishing school, getting into shape, making new friends, or just feeling better about oneself in general like using daily affirmations.


The Goal of Motivational Interviewing


These goals outlined by the individual are set and agreed upon beforehand by both parties. Usually, it is something aligned with the SMART goal structure (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) or another agreed-upon strategy. The plan is reviewed as the individual works to attain the goal. The accountability partner is there for check-ins on the individual’s goal and helps measure how much change has occurred.


Why Does MI Work


MI helps people to focus more on themselves rather than problems outside themselves. This makes them feel better about who they are. There is a feeling of having control over their lives again instead of being controlled by external factors.

Every person– like an artists’ canvas waiting for paint– is born with potentials and capacities for living that can be cultivated and developed through effort in session. The goal of mentoring is to challenge them to appraise what they think about themselves. We work to set goals and work at changing what’s negating the individual’s ability to live more fully. Such as an addiction or obsessive behavior.


How Does MI Work in the Satori Foundation


Like Motivational Interviewing does for addiction treatment, Satori Way likes to bring in the Stages of Change model to work alongside strengthening other therapy skill sets.  The Stages of Change model looks at motivation in 4 processes of recovery through different stages of change a person goes through.


This therapy aims to create internal change by strengthening the motivation and building an attainable plan for change. In combination with cognitive brain training and prevention planning, MI aims to create a positive disruption through evaluating coping strategies.



  • Building readiness & engagement usually happens in the pre-contemplation to contemplation stage.
  • Increase commitment and focus moves into the contemplation to the preparation stage.
  • Initiating change with taking preparation to action.
  • Stabilizing change and plan for a process by moving the action into a maintenance process.


Motivational Interviewing creates a safe environment by meeting each individual where they are at in the Stages of Change model. Through a number of different techniques and tools in our calls, courses, and lessons, we guide you in creating a committed goal to work toward. A few principles of MET are understanding one’s motivation, listening with empathy, and empowering a positive plan for change.


Benefits of using MI


*Better outlook on life and themselves.

*Freedom from the shackles of addiction, obsessive behavior, etc.

*Ability to identify what we want out of their lives.

*Reduced stress levels as well as anxiety/depression symptoms (which can be associated with better physical health). This helps an individual build self-confidence up again which also, in turn, reduces those levels. These are just a few benefits that may come about after using this type of therapy. Don’t get discouraged if you or someone you know is going through mental distress and doesn’t know where to start.  There are so many options available now today and we are here to help you with that.

Increases self-esteem. This allows the individual to feel encouraged in social settings, at work, and in relationships. Having a community around you is a vital lifeline in creating a life free from addiction.




MI is a type of therapy that helps the individual build their self-confidence back up. To become less reliant on addictive substances or behaviors. This can be particularly helpful for those who have lost hope in themselves. Those that feel so beaten down by life, their environment, circumstances, etc. The therapy has been very successful and therapeutic to help reorient people with what’s important in their own lives.

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