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5 Opportunities from Falling Off The Wagon

By May 22, 2021June 11th, 2021Recovery

The glass is either half full or half empty. We are either moving forward or backward. Looking at the glass half full and taking a setback in our life as an opportunity to propel us forward will make all the difference in a person’s life or recovery.

According to NIDA, the relapse rate of people treated for substance use disorders is 40%-60%. This does not include those who did not seek treatment.

This is NOT an Indication of Failure

But that’s a pretty large number, so let’s talk about it. Perfectionism should never be the standard (for anything). Human error is how we learn and grow. Addiction is no different.  With that being out there as a statistic, it can feel daunting to try and tackle a recovery approach. Don’t let that stop you from succeeding yourself. The conclusion to this statistic would be that it is an individual process that takes some trial and error to understand what works best for you. If you are having trouble, switch to a growth mindset and try these 5 opportunities that can come from any setback. These techniques can bring you great insight into what may need to be shifted or adjusted moving forward.

When we change our habits (which takes patience, time, and effort), we can change the quality of our lives and shape a new, creative future. These opportunities can allow us to begin shaping our habits in healthier ways as wells as our mindset.

Opportunity #1  Reflect by writing


Writing is an awesome way to learn from mistakes and see opportunities you might otherwise not see. Practicing gratitude writing can help set your perspective and set you up for positive change. Automatic writing is even better when you are looking for answers. Freely write without thinking before moving your pencil and see what types of things pop into your head. Try it out!

Opportunity #2  Pause to Process Emotions


Feeling through the mistake. Forgive yourself. When anyone fails at anything, it hurts. But holding on to guilt or shame will only bring you down further. Everything is a learning process. We must understand it is in the learning where we find meaning. Acknowledge what feelings you have and process the negative ones. Reach out to a friend.



Learn to let go of the negative feelings and thoughts that aren’t serving you. When we are able to understand how our thoughts shape our feelings and actions, we can bring more awareness to the process for healthier cognition.


Opportunity #3  Get Compassionately Specific


What led you back to an unhealthy decision? In order to learn from and do better next time, we’ve got to ask questions. What environmental triggers arose? Is there a problem not being talked about? Isolation, dishonesty, boredom, depression, anger. Get to the bottom of the situation by getting specific.



Opportunity #4  It is Time to Take Action


Work on identifying what is healthy around you right now, at this moment.

    • What is your current environment?
    • How you can add more healthy habits into your daily routine?
    • What are some small things you could update right now? Ones that wouldn’t stress you out. Start small.


Opportunity #5  Small Movements are the Way to Start


  • What could you add to your day? A few examples: Get a good night’s rest. Take a shower. Call a friend. Eat a healthy snack. Read a book. Meditate. Learn something online. Exercise.
  • Difficulty getting started? If you are having trouble getting in the right mindset, try focusing on what you are NOT doing. For example, you did NOT stay in bed all day. You chose to get up. This can help reframe the action you are taking into a more positive perspective.
  • Check out these 6 must-have tools for recovery!


If you have fallen off the wagon in your recovery, you are not alone. It is a process to work through. If you stay consistent in your effort of what you wish to achieve, you will achieve it. History shows us this.

With the right tools, spiritual approach, and retraining your brain – You have the power to transform your life and habits significantly. Satori is here to help set the stage with what is right for you, join us for a free trial of our Foundation course here!